If the tip you provided has been approved for a reward, you will use the code that you are given to collect your reward at a participating financial institution. The bank that you pick up your reward at will not ask for any identifying information other than the code to verify the amount of your eligible reward.

Depending on the tip that you have provided, it may take time to investigate. There are many reasons for this – it could be part of a larger investigation, or it could be put on file to be used at a later date. Every tip is useful, so don’t think that it didn’t help!

Crime Stoppers is not run by the police. It is a registered charity that works closely with local police forces, but is separate from any law enforcement agency. Crime Stoppers is run by a group of volunteers.

Crime Stoppers takes tips about crimes that already have occurred, or are about to occur. We also accept information about wanted fugitives, stolen property, drugs and many other types of criminal activity. If you aren’t certain whether the information you have is worth reporting, call anyway. Our call takers will pass along the information to the police who will decide whether it is worth investigating. You never know if your tip may help solve a crime!

Crime Stoppers does not have call display or any method of tracing calls. One of the pillars of the Crime Stoppers program is anonymity and our call takers would never jeopardize this. It is of utmost importance that our callers remain anonymous.

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