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crime stoppers

What is Peel crime stoppers

Peel Crime Stoppers is a Citizen, Media and Police cooperative program designed to involve the community in the fight against crime. The program provides citizens with a means to supply police with information anonymously. Through this unique partnership of police, media, community and you, we can all help to maintain and improve the quality of life within the Peel Region. There are currently approximately 1200 Crime Stoppers programs throughout the world. 


When to call crime stoppers

Maybe you heard someone bragging about having committed a crime. Maybe you know someone who is driving a stolen car…or is hiding from the police…or is a robber or drug dealer. Or maybe you just see something that doesn’t look right. A strange car. A person acting sneaky. Someone carrying a gun or knife, or keeping a weapon in their locker. If you aren’t sure that what you saw or heard is really a crime, call anyway. We’ll pass the tip on to police and they can decide if it’s worth investigating. It may be a piece of a clue to a big crime. 


make a difference in your community

Peel Crime Stoppers needs self motivated, committed leaders who are looking to make our community better! Why not get involved in this successful community program that encourages people to submit information to solve local crimes? The primary functions of our team of volunteers is to raise funds and to increase awareness of the Crime Stoppers program throughout the community. Our goal is to make volunteering an enjoyable experience within an environment of like-minded community members where your experience and skills are put to good use.



Peel Crime Stoppers is comprised of diverse, active and dedicated community representatives. Crime Stoppers provides several methods for local law enforcement to receive information on crimes. These efforts increase tips, which in turn increase arrests in our community.